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Vision Store - A local multi-vendor marketplace for multipurpose.

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Detailed Features

Launch your own grocery, food, pharmacy, store delivery app with a
complete dashboard. This is a complete end-to-end solution for launching
your own full delivery app. It includes an end user app from which the
end users can place an order for products and it includes an admin panel
for store owners to accept or manage orders and improve their business.
This solution is ideal for anyone who wants to start a product delivery
app business.

About the Technologies

Dart – Flutter

Flutter is an open source framework that is created by Google for
mobile application development. Using this framework, apps can be
developed for both Android and iOS Devices.

PHP – Laravel

Laravel is a PHP framework with an expressive, elegant syntax. We’ve
already laid the foundation — freeing you to create without sweating the
small things.

Installation Guide

The product comes with an Installation Wizard to help you setup the entire product suite in your servers in just a few steps.

It is really easy to set up the app and the admin panel in a few easy steps.

Product Features

Multiple Groceries, Restaurants, Pharmacies, Stores Directory

The product includes support for multiple groceries, stores,
pharmacies where the end-user can choose from a directory of groceries,
stores, pharmacies and order products from them. Each store has a
different list of product items to order from.

Geolocation & Google Maps Support

All groceries, stores, pharmacies or any kind of shops can be viewed
on a Google Maps so the end-users can browse stores on a map and get
directions to navigate to them.
Based on the customer’s location, they will see all the nearby markets
delivering to their location and all the items that are available for

Light or Dark Theme Support

You can choose from a light or dark theme for your end-user application. It is really easy to switch the theme.

Easy to Brand & Customize

It is extremely easy and convenient to rebrand the app and customize
the theme of the app as per your needs. You can launch an app with your
own branding. You can easily change the app color theme, logos and the
icons with minimal effort.

Payments Gateway Integrations

The app supports integrations with all major payment gateways such as
Stripe, Razorpay, PayPal. The app also supports Cash On Delivery (COD)
Payments upon order pickups.

Push Notifications FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging)
App Push Notifications have been integrated in different areas of the app.

  • The customer is notified via push notification upon any change in order status by the market owner or manager
  • The delivery boy gets a notification when the market manager assigns an order to him.
  • Store owner/manager gets a desktop/mobile notification when the customer places an order with the market.

Configure Email Servers

You can connect the product suite with an email server – SMTP,
Mailgun or Sparkpost and accordingly send emails about order and
delivery notifications.

Multi-Languages Support (including LTR & RTL)

The app and the admin panel supports multiple languages including RTL
(Right To Left) languages. Now you can build your full delivery app in
Arabic, Hebrew, Farsi, Urdu or any other language that is written from
right to left.

Multi-Currency Support

The product supports multiple currencies. You can create your own
currency and then the entire product suite will be changed as per the
currency selected.

Discounts & Coupons

The store manager/owner can add coupon codes, run promotional offers
on their product items. Two types of discount coupons are supported-
fixed and percent. An expiry date can also be added to the coupon codes.

Easy Login & Authentication

There are easy login and authentication options included in the product.

  • Customer Login: Customers can create an account using a mobile
    app or using a web admin panel. All customers can upgrade to the store
    owner role by just requesting on the admin panel (Admin needs to verify
    the request).

All these roles can use social authentication (available only on
admin panel) or email and password, they can reset their password by
providing the email address to get the reset link

Intuitive & User Friendly Animations

The app has intuitive and user friendly animations built-in within
it. These animations intend to provide a smooth app usage experience to
the end clients. The animations include – Hero Animations, Parallax
Animations, Sliding & Swiping animations.

Help & Support

The admin and the manager can add frequently asked questions and
their answers to help customers to use the app correctly. FAQs can be
added as FAQ Category and then FAQs.

Favorites Products

Each end-user can add any product to his wishlist to fast access to
this product in the future. This is a useful feature to allow customers
to favorite their frequently ordered product items and order them
without searching.

Tracking Orders

After the customer places an order, they can track the status of the
order on a timeline, also he can cancel the order if the order is not

Reporting Dashboards

Store Managers/Admins can view a reporting dashboard with a summary of orders, earnings, stores and more.

Custom Fields

All entities such as users, products, markets, categories, etc. in
the application can be easily extended by adding custom fields to the
entity. For example, a second mobile number can be added to the user

  • Manager Login: Manager can sign in to their account on the admin panel or mobile app (Mobile app is not included in this item).
  • Admin Login: Admin can login to the admin panel
  • Driver/Delivery Boy Login: Driver can create an account using mobile
    app and login on the admin panel or mobile app (not included in this
  • Product / Market Review & Rating

    Customers can write a review about the product or market that they make an order from and rate them. Admins / store owners can view the customer reviews & ratings, edit them or delete them.

    Export/Print Feature

    Export and Print Features are available on all sections related to Product, Customer List, Order List, Store List, Cuisines, FAQs, etc.

    Media & File Manager

    The admin and store manager can easily manage their files and images uploaded on the admin panel. Media files can be uploaded in different categories such as Avatar, App Logo, Image & more. You can upload single or multiple media files using our drag and drop upload feature.

    Mobile App Configuration

    Admin can easily configure the theme, language, default distance unit, Google Maps Key from the admin panel. Under themes, you can configure the theme for both dark and light themes.

    Driver Management

    Driver Management Module allows managing all drivers in a single view. You can track the earnings, delivery fee %, number of orders for each driver. The profile of the driver can also be managed from the admin panel.

    Earnings Management

    Each market can manage their earnings, check the order summar and other statistics. Having access to these analytics helps the store owners know about their business and see how they can improve or uplift their earnings.