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You Get Following :
Android Customer App

An awesome customer app for placing order through an android device. App built on latest flutter technology.

iOS Customer App

An awesome customer app for placing order through an apple iOS device. App built on latest flutter technology.


A user friendly app for placing order though mobile browser. Currently its responsive version of website but next is flutter PWA.

Ecommerce Website

An E-commerce website for placing order on the go through web browser. Its built using HTML CSS JS Bootstrap jQuery Laravel

Store App (Android)

Store app to manage orders, marking status of orders, searching items, Getting notified, Managing quick stock.

Rider App

Rider app is for delivery/logistic boy to receive orders by push notification and tracking order by navigating it to customer.

Mini POS: Android App

Mini POS is for quick billing. In rush hours other staff can use it to bill customers, Bill will be sent through whatsapp, email, text.

Store App (iOS)

Store app to manage orders, marking status of orders, searching items, Getting notified, Managing quick stock.

Inventory Management

Manage all incoming and outgoing stock of all items. From adding supplier to purchase, lost and found etc.

GST/Return Auto Filling

System will generate GST compatible report. You just have to go to GST portal and upload sales and purchase report and fill GST

Multi Store/Warehouse

You can manage more than one warehouse and multiple shops. Advance User management make it possible easily.


Its to reduce sales staff at shop, install Kiosk and user can browse catalogue by themself and place order to warehouse manager.

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Empowering Technologies​



Most trending technology of 2021. Its developed by google.


Android Java

Android Java is used is rider app only. Its mostly used language for android.



Firebase authentication is by google and used by almost all enterprise level apps.


Laravel & Ci

Most popular framework of php used from decades.


Html Css JS Bootstrap Jquery

Most widely used front end technologies worldwide.


Google Cloud

Google cloud is used for google map APIs

User Flow

  • Step 1Step 1Creating Master

    Creating Products

    Creating Suppliers

    Creating Brands




  • Step 2Step 2Adding Purchase

    Add Purchase through Barcode

    Add purchase by CSV

    Inventory increases as purchase is marked

  • Step 3Step 3Transfer of Goods

    Transfer of Goods from warehouse to warehouse,

    Transfer of Goods from shop to shop

  • Step 4Step 4Stock Adjustment / Recons.

    Adjusting lost/damaged goods

    Adjusting found/repaired goods

  • Step 5Step 5Sale Through Multiple Chanels


    Android App

    iOS App




  • Step 6Step 6Return (if any)

    Return of sale if customer returns

    Get  added into inventory after successful return


  • Step 7Step 7Reporting

    12 Types of Reports

    Brand wise

    Daily sale

    Weekly sale

    Monthly sale

    Category wise

    Tax/GST report

    Warehouse wise

    Supplier wise

    Purchase report

  • Step 8Step 8Reporting

    Export GST 1 report

    Export GST 3b report

    Logon  to GST portal

    Import file

    File your return

More Features

Fully Cloud Based Solution

In 2020’s we are living in a cloud based society. Everything is connected to the cloud system these days. Then why not your shop. Our  integrated solution provide you all in one cloud integrated solution. Everything will be in realtime. No information is dependent on local capacitators. All the database is connected to the cloud server. Hence there’ll be zero chances of any miss-reconciliation.

Everything Integrated

When we talk about cloud based system then biggest advantage of same is when we integrate the whole system. There is a single super admin panel to manage all.
Website, POS, Application, and Stock inventory management are having the same database hence all are inter-linked to each other.

Supplier Management

It is usual that a store have multiple supplier from multiple brands. And same is used for accounting and GSTR  filling, The whole cycle of sake starts from adding supplier to the system, It also helps in reporting at EOM that who made more profit to the store. Purchase order is placed to the supplier, then he deliveres it and purchase invoice is raised along with addition of same stock.

Brand Management

There are 1000s of brands in the market. It has nothing to do with the purchase sale cycle but it helps a lot in reporting and analysis. In the end of month EOM you can see which brand has been profitable to the store. Product is known by its brand name.

Multi- Warehouse Management

An Enterprise level business can have multiple store or warehouses in one or more cities. Each one will have multiple billing counters and multiple billers.
Individual database of customers for better marketing output. When a user search product on website or application it’ll first select the nearest store available from the user and then check if it’s serviceable to that region. If both conditions meets then it’ll show the products,price and stock of the nearest store to the user. Order will be sent to nearest free rider from pickup point.

Multi-Biller Management

Business can have multiple stores and each of those store can have multiple billers. Each biller will have indepenent dahsboard and management.

1. Separate Logins Credentials for all billers
2. Enter cash in hand to start the sale
3. Enter closing balance to close the day
4. Admin can monitor the balance of each biller.
5. Biller can access his account from anywhere

GST - Tax Management

All products can be assigned with slabs of GST IGST SGST CGST they fall into, System calculates the charges by its own.

  1. GSTR 1
  2. GSTR 3B
  3. GSTR 2AB

Purchase Management

Purchase order with payment records, option to add purchase with CSV along with expenses feature. All product and its stock that comes into store/warehouse has to go through the Purchase order (PO) to supplier and then its marked into additon to the existing  stock of products. A purchase invoice is also generated for filling GST3b.

  1. Select Supplier
  2. Select Products
  3. Input Stock and MRP
  4. Submit, Purchase is complete.

Detailed Reporting

Overview & warehouse stock chart, product quantity and expiry alerts, general profit and/or loss report, sales, purchases, transfers, customer, suppliers and staff user reports.

* Overview Chart
* Warehouse Stock Chart
* Register Report
* Product Quantity Alerts
* Products Report
* Adjustments Report
* Categories Report
* Brands Report
* Daily Sales
* Monthly Sales
* Sales Report
* Payments Report
* Tax Report
* Profit and/or Loss
* Daily Purchases
* Monthly Purchases
* Best Sellers
* Purchases Report
* Expenses Report
* Customers Report
* Suppliers Report
* Staff Report

Point of Sale (POS)

 Simple and easy to use design with registers, virtual keyboard, hold/suspend sales and display customer screen option. Quick Cash buttons and Accept payment with Debit card, Paytm, credit card, UPI

  1. Open Register at SOD
  2. Scan products
  3. Print Invoice
  4. Close Register at EOD

Types of Products

 Standard, Combo & Digital products with import & export option along with quantity adjustment and bulk update feature

  1. Standard Product
  2. Digital Products
  3. Subscription
  4. Group Products

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