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Multipurpose App – Grocery, Food, Medicine, Cab, Pick n Drop, Home service in Single App

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Use test credentials for better experience Mobile 999999999 and OTP 123456


Customer App

Mobile 9999999999
OTP 123456


Vendor/Partner App

Vendor app:- Email: Password: 123456


Delivery App

Phone number: 9999999999
Otp: 123456

Admin Panel

email: Password: AA@1234

We've Got You Covered

Live Tracking of Order

Customer can live track the order. He can see exact location of rider on inbuilt google map. Estimated time will also be displayed.


You can view stores and delivery men earnings, process withdrawals, collect cashes manually and lots of staff.

Advanced Order Management

Order management feature will help admin and the restaurant manager to manage every order very efficiently.

Delivery Men Apps

You can create an unlimited number of delivery men and by Delivery men apps they can easily accept an order, deliver an order and earn money. You can set Freelancer delivery man option or Salaried delivery man option from the admin panel.

Refer n Earn Program

Multiservice app Admin will provide you with a very rich admin panel where you can control all the major things for the marketing. Campaigns, banners, Coupon and Push notifications features will help you to grow your business very fast.

Dispatch Management

Dispatch Management will help you to identify quickly which orders are ongoing and which orders are waiting for a delivery man.

SMS OTP integrated

Multiservice app comes with a bunch of integrated SMS Gateways. All of them are popular and you can verify your users in a smarter way.

Manual and automatic assign delivery man

StackFood admin panel will provide you another important feature for your business. You can directly assign an available delivery man in an order.

Multiple Stores

Multipurpose app is a multi store supported system. So you can add an unlimited number of stores and manage those from the admin panel easily.

Reporting and Statistics

Full of statistics and reporting will help you identify your business cash flow and all the financial conditions. In the dashboard, You will get very rich statistical data and you can explore those by zone and time.

Product Management

You can control the whole Product section by managing categories and subcategories, Attributes, Addons and more. You can add products to any restaurant. And the Vendor panel also will get a Product management feature.

Integrated with Payment Gateways

Business Section​

Fancy And Minimal checkout

Business Settings will help you to set up your business as you wish. You will get lots of configuration to make your business unique.

Driver Tip System

Customer can pay some tip to the driver. Its tax free and goes directly in the earning of driver. No GST is applicable on this fee.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Multipurpose app comes with a bunch of integrated payment gateway. All of them are popular and you can start your business immediately.

Integrated with SMS Gateways

Car Pooling

Any driver listed on this application can do carpooling. Any user can approach any driver on the route.

Taxi Service

You can also provide taxi/cab service like ola uber. Drivers can register themselves. Customers can find and book nearest available driver based upon their acceptance.

Home Service

User can book home service like electrician , Plumber, Carpainter, etc on demand. Customer can get those services fulfilled by the nearest available service executive.

Shop Screen

Customer can choose shop category and find all the list of shops under that. He can tap on the nearest and highest rated shop and browse its products category wise. There are two types of product category menus, one Horizontal menu on top, and one floating vertical menu on bottom.

Shop Discription

On any store/shop screen you'll find all related information like shop name, shop discription, shop timings, distance from customer, picture etc. Based upon those provided information , customer can take action.

Minimal Checkout

This is out checkout screen. Its minimal, and informatic. Customer can edit quantity of products, he can reconcile the order , he can provide his delivery preference.

Driver Tip

Customer can pay some tip to the driver. Its taxfree and goes directly in the earning of driver. No GST is applicable on this fee.

Pick n Drop

Customer can get any item picked from anywhere and get it dropped to desired location. Delivery guy will pick the parcel and deliver it to the mentioned drop location.

Shop from nearby store

Customer can provide name of shop and address along with location. Also provide the items you want to shop from it, Or call the shop directly and give your order. Our delivery guy will reach there within minutes and pick the order and get it delivered to you.

Home service

Home services like Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, etc can be booked from this app. Request will directly go to the vendor. He'll accept or deny, If denied it will jump to another vendor, If accepted vendor will come the do the repair.

Multi service providers

There can be unlimited categories and unlimited vendors/service providers.

Order history

Orders are categories into two sections, product orders and service orders. You can see on top of order history screen. Widget display all information about order.

Easy payments

Customer can place COD order and he can pay online from order section using various payment modes. No hassles of keeping change.

User Profile

User profile is minimal and creative. Customer can navigate easily. He can update his profile, go to recent orders, jump to saved addresses, ewallet, refern n earn, Logout, he can contact support via chat, call, email

Refer n earn

Customer can refer the app to his friends and relative and he can earn cashback into his e wallet. which he can use for shopping on the platform.


Any One module
$ 625 One Time
  • Access to database
  • One Year Maintenance n Support
  • Dedicated Engineer to support launch
  • Any One Module


All Modules - Complete access
$ 1625 One Time
  • Access to database
  • Server / Hosting
  • One Year Maintenance n Support
  • cPanel Access
  • Dedicated Enginner to support launch
  • Source Code*
  • Grocery delivery module
  • Food delivery module
  • Taxi module
  • Logistic delivery module like dunzo
  • Home service module like urbanclap
  • Medicine module like 1mg
  • Ecommerce module like Amazon Flipkart
  • Appointment module

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