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On Demand Service Booking App

On-demand service booking app is completed app in native source code for Android that help you build On-demand service booking app on smartphones. Everyone can be a Customer (task requester). User can Signup and Provider get (task receiver) after being approved by admin. Customer chooses task types, pickup location and destination location then sends requests. Near Provider will receive request then accept the Task. This app can use for any kind of services: handyman, delivery, babysitting, repairs, install, delivery etc. Admin can define each service and rate.



Customer App

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Service Provider

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Driver App

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Admin Panel

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Pass: Admin@2020

We've Got You Covered

Book Service On Click

Booking a service has been made very easy. User just tap on the service name and enters into checkout screen to complete booking.

KYC System

KYC is made mandatory for becoming vendor. Approval system is given in admin panel and it can be assigned to any staff. Each document has separate approval and rejection system.

Hire hourly or Fix Amount

Customer can choose for service if he knows exactly what he needs, else he can hire service provider on hourly basis.


Google Map based navigation is integrated to the system. Provider can directly forward the location coordinates to Google Navigation in one tap.

E-wallet System

The whole financial system is linked to e wallet. Service providers commission and withdrawal etc. Customer can checkout from wallet and recharge it through card/netbanking.

Flexible Booking

Book Now and Book Later Scheduling is available. Choose available Service options. Instant estimate before confirming booking. Cancellation with reasons.

Vendor Approvals

The vendor registration is carefully design to enter qualification Details and Identity documents for Verification. These can be accessed by Admin for approval. Approval system is optional.

Earn and view analyzer

Service provider can view and analyze his earning. Analytics are shown in graphical form.

Live Tracking

Customer can track service provider live on integrated google maps. Its similar how we track order on swiggie/zomato. Google cloud APIs are used for this.

Schedule the Appointment

Customer can choose his desired slot and get instant confirmation about booking success. Make online payment or COD.

Driver Jobs

Realtime booking requests gets added to Tasks list. Non stop sound alerting for new job if app is in background. Drivers have ability to accept and ignore requests.

Providers Earnings & Withdraw

Provider's income adds up to the Wallet. Provider can opt to Withdraw Wallet funds anytime. The request goes to the Admin for approval.

User Friendly

We have tested in on multiple users. have worked on their feedback to make it more & more user friendly and secure.

Booking Mangement

All users have the feature of viewing their full booking list in App and Web. Select a booking and cancel. Admin can manage all bookings.

Dynamic Services

Services can be created, edited, removed from admin panel. All services are completely dynamic.

Profile Management

User can change their basic details and profile pics from the Profile page in App. User can also Delete their account from here.

Business Section​

Referral Bonus and Promos

Referral amount and Promo code with validity can be setup on the Admin portal. The referral program benefits both user who share and use the referral code to register. Promo codes can be used while making payments to avail discounts.

User Management

Admin can add, edit, delete all the 3 types of users, Customers, provider and drivers. Admin can approve the Driver/provider and also reset the Busy status of provider/Drivers.


Active booking has the option for Chat and Phone Call between Customer and the Driver. Chat has Push Notification integrated.

Integrated with Payment Gateways


Customers and Drivers both have Wallet. Customers can topup and pay from it. Driver’s income get added to Wallet and they can Withdraw. Admin has the option to topup Wallets of both types of users.

Online Payment Gateway

 App has the option to pay with integrated payment gatways which supports cards and other payment methods.


Customers can pay Cash. Provider can accept cash only when he is having amount in his w-wallet greater than amount he have to accept. This way amount is paid to the provider and deducted from his earning.

Built With Latest Technologies

  • Mobile Apps (IOS & Android) – Flutter by Google
  • Admin Portal & Website – Laravel by PHP
  • Database –MySQL By Oracle
  • Server Side APIs – Restfull APIs
  • Maps & Location APIs – Google
  • Push Notifications – Firebase

Business Section​

Push Notifications

Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) and Expo work together to provide the perfect system for the Push Notifications. All new bookings, booking status changes and chat are covered by notifications. Admin has the form to send bulk Push Notifications to App users

Statistics and Reports

The Dashboard for Admin comes with basic statistics on earnings and a map for active drivers. There are full reports on Driver based earnings and App earnings for Admin.


Active booking has the option for Chat and Phone Call between Customer and the Driver. Chat has Push Notification integrated.

Integrated with SMS Gateways

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